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Think Apple Products are ‘Hacker Proof’? Think Again!

March 9, 2017

Most Mac users assume that they are not at the risk of malware attacks, as they are using an apple product, but available data pokes holes in this false sense of security. A recent update on Huffington Post shows that in 2015, five times more OS X specific malware were built when compared to the previous five years. In 2016, a ransomware called “KeRanger” infected more than 7,000 Mac systems. Mac users are as susceptible to internet threats as PC users, and must take precautionary steps, such as installing an antivirus solution to protect their computer systems and data.

In this blog post, we look at some of the potent threats Mac users need to watch out for:

Web Browser

Web browser attacks like “man-in-the-browser” and “cross-site scripting” (XSS) can intrude any computer, regardless of the operating system. Cybercriminals often use such attacks to steal personal information like your banking credentials from legitimate sites. Web browser attacks also include third-party software exploits and phishing emails threats, which both Mac and PC users face.


According to a recent report by McAfee, the number of ransomware attacks increased to a whopping 270 percent between 2013 and 2015. Ransomware is one of the most harmful and common malware that prevents users from accessing their files on Mac, by either encrypting them or disabling the computer’s boot-up process. Although Apple keeps releasing new updates to fight ransomware attacks, Mac users need to take preventive steps such as installing an effective antivirus solution and regularly scanning their system for online threats.


Apple users experienced botnet attacks several times during the last few years. According to a report by Dr. Web, a Russian antivirus company, a modified version of the Trojan BackDoor.Flashback, commonly known as Flashback, infected 60,000 Mac machines in September 2011. The report also shows that a botnet, called iWorm, infected 17,000 Mac users in 2014. Botnets are one of the most harmful software as they can steal your personal information.

Infected Apps

Several hackers have slipped malicious apps and modified existing ones in the Apple Store to target Mac users, and the Xcode Ghost attack in 2015 is a classic example. The malicious framework modified Apple’s own app development tool to inject 39 legitimate OS apps with malicious code that could steal sensitive user information.

iDoctor Can Help!

Mac users are susceptible to several other online and offline security threats. One of these threats is adware, online pop ups users run into while surfing the internet. If downloaded on your Mac, it can corrupt files and even steal your personal information. You need an effective antivirus solution to keep online and offline threats at bay. iDoctor, a pro-grade antivirus solution, can help. You can use the antivirus solution to protect from and fight malware, clean junk, and optimize your Mac’s performance. Click here for a free download. For more information, fill out our contact form.

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