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Protect Your Mac from Theft and Unauthorized Access with Theft Tracker

April 17, 2017

Mac computers are inarguably the most robust and technologically advanced computing devices today. Given their innovative designs and state-of-art hardware capabilities, Macs today continue to surge ahead in popularity charts, despite commanding a hefty price tag. Their immense popularity, however, has also resulted in numerous instances of physical thefts or “apple picking”. It is, therefore, important that you secure your Mac against these thefts. To secure your device, you need a decisive Mac theft tracking tool and a recovery solution.  iDoctor combines both these solutions, in one easy-to-use and affordable package. Continuing the discussion, let us take a closer look at the theft protection utility of iDoctor that make it an essential for Mac devices.

What is Theft Tracker?

The iDoctor theft Tracker feature helps prevent unauthorized access to your Mac and provides accurate information on its location, in it gets stolen or lost. It neutralizes any unauthorized login attempts, and also captures webcam photographs of individuals that attempt to gain access to your system. iDoctor’s Theft Tracker is easy to use, and all you have to do is set a private password, lock the screen, and then easily track your Mac’s location.

What’s Included?

iDoctor’s Theft Tracker feature contains two major utilities: Theft Tracker and Screen Locker.

Theft Tracker Option

Location Tracker   

iDoctor’s Location Tracker utility helps you set the current location of your Mac, which is then continuously updated according to the device’s changing physical location. In the event, your Mac is stolen or is lost, you can track its movements in real-time to pinpoint its location.

Screen Locker Options

Quick Lock   

You can easily set up a keyboard shortcut using this utility to lock your Mac screen. The nifty feature allows you to bypass the usual method of locking the screen - simultaneously pressing Control + Shift + Eject or Control + Shift + Power (for newer Mac versions)

Spy Lock      

The innovative Spy Lock utility enables you to add an extra layer of security to your Mac, by taking snapshots of any intruders who try to login using incorrect passwords. The snapshots provide valuable evidence of attempts at illegally accessing your system or even theft.


More than just a security feature, the useful Timeout utility helps you set timeframe to enable sleep or screensaver mode in your Mac. Once the screensaver comes on, a correct password is required to login.

What to Do if Your Mac Is Stolen?

Protecting and locating your Mac has never been easier! iDoctor’s powerful app suite helps you to secure your Mac against thefts and be in a position to swiftly locate it in three simple steps. Just log into your iDoctor account, continue to the Theft Tracker tab, and Click “Report Stolen”. Its that simple!

Wrapping Up

IDoctor’s Theft Tracker is an innovative and effective app utility that helps you make sure that your Mac is safe, secure, and recoverable in the event that it gets stolen or lost. The app is not only unique, but also simple to use and provides comprehensive protection to all the data and media files stored in your Mac. To connect with our technical experts, download and execute our iDoctor app or fill out our contact form.

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