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How to Fix Frozen Apps in OS X

August 30, 2016

It is very frustrating and annoying, and sometimes can even cause the loss of the data that you’ve been working on. So we’re going to figure out why applications can freeze and what to do in such cases.

All computers run in cycles, and sometimes an application is caught in an endless loop and cannot get out of there. The sign of it is the spinning wheel, which appears when you try to work with the application. In this case the best option is to Force Quit it. It can be done in several ways.

The simplest way is to open Force Quit window either from the Apple menu - Force Quit or by pressing the combination of Command ⌘ + Option ⌥ + Esc keys at the same time. This will call the window that shows all running applications.  

In the Force Quit Applications window, select the frozen app and click Force Quit.

Another way to force quit an application is Control-click its icon in the Dock. In the contextual menu, the Application Not Responding message will be visible next to the crashed app. Click Force Quit.

If an application crash made your system unresponsive, you see the spinning wheel and your computer does not react to your commands, you will need to shut down your computer by clicking Apple menu - Shut Down.

If the mouse does not respond, press Control ⌃ + Power button or Control ⌃ + Media Eject ⏏ to call the Shut Down Dialog. Click Shut Down. Then your system will correctly close all applications and log out from the user account.

If the system is completely frozen, the last step is to force shut down. Press and hold the power button until your computer shuts down.

NB. Do not perform this operation unless it is really necessary. When the system is forced to shut down, it cannot correctly finish all running processes and log out from the user account. This can cause the applications’ misbehavior.

To solve the freezes of your system, get all the possible updates for Apple software by using the App Store. The developers are constantly improving the software and incorporate these improvements in the updates, which include fixes of bugs and stability issues. This can resolve freezing applications.

As for third-party applications, it is easy to keep them all up-to-date by using the Software Update tool of iDoctor. Just open iDoctor, click Software Update, and update all of your third-party applications at once.

Do not forget to clean your computer from unneeded files. This will free up more space in your system so that it can run smoother. Entrust this task to iDoctor which will perfectly complete it.

Freezing applications is not a frequent occurrence among Mac computers. However, when it happens it needs immediate solution. These simple steps will help you to solve the issue that you already faced with and prevent such situations in future.

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