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10 Latest Malware Designed to Infect Mac: Part 2 of 2

March 30, 2017

Such malware embeds a script in fake apps that are found even on reputable sites that sell Mac apps. When you download such infected apps, they provide a backdoor for attackers to gain access to your system. The malware not only allows attackers to gain unauthorized access to your confidential data, but also compromises your Macs performance. What your Mac needs is a security app to protect it from malware. iDoctor app is a pro-grade security and surveillance app that is designed specially for Macs.

In this second installment of our two-part series, “10 Latest Malware Designed to Infect Mac”, we’ll look at five more threats from which you should protect your Mac.


Proton RAT, where Rat stands for Random Access Trojan, is able to penetrate Apple's Gatekeeper protection and infect your Mac. After the attackers deploy OSX.Proton.A in your Mac, they can allegedly gain complete remote access, including activities such as viewing your screen in real time, recording keystrokes, uploading your confidential files, downloading additional malware, accessing the webcam, and issuing the  shell commands.

2. EmPyre Word Macro

In the past, some Microsoft Office documents contained malicious scripts embedded in their macros that automatically executed predefined actions and slowed down the Mac systems. EmPyre, a Post Exploitation framework that allows attackers to remotely access your Mac, has recently released a doc file macro that carries malware. If you open the file and activate the macro, the file will infect your Mac.

3. Find Zip Ransomware

Named OSX.Findzip.A by Apple, this ransomware Trojan is a recent malware that is infecting Macs. OSX.Findzip.A disguises as a “patcher” or “cracking tool” to illegally unlock unlicensed copies of software such as Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Microsoft Office 2016. It is a highly dangerous ransomware as it encrypts all of your documents, after which the readme files are dropped onto the desktop requesting payment of a huge ransom to recover your user's files.

4. iKitten

MacDownloader or OSX.iKitten.A. is a recent malware that has targeted the United States defense industry and spread through a website that impersonated an aerospace firm. A deceptive page on the site prompts you to install a fake Adobe Flash Player that infects your Mac with iKitten. Through the malware, its developer gets access to passwords that are stored on your Mac.

5. XAgent

Dubbed OSX.XAgent.A by Apple, the malware is designed by the cyber espionage group known as Sofacy, APT28, or Fancy Bear. When downloaded to your Mac, the malware allows the attackers to perform various actions that compromise your security, such as logging everything you type, including the passwords, automatically taking a screenshot every ten seconds, stealing your iPhone and iPad backups, and accessing the command shell.

Superior Protection and Security for Your Mac‎

Malware, whether computer viruses, Trojans, Worms, Adware, or Spyware, can compromise your Mac’s security. Standard antivirus and malware protection cannot detect most types of Mac malware. iDoctor is a sophisticated security app for Mac, which provides seamless online and offline security. To get premium military grade protection and security for your Mac, download iDoctor app here. To learn more about the app, fill out our contact form, and we will respond via email shortly.

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