About Us

Today’s world is an informational turmoil. People and organisations are in a constant need of collecting, processing and sharing different kinds of information. In this fast-paced and highly-competitive environment a potential winner should be implementing new technologies in order to improve productivity and organize the information flow at the same time avoiding risks of loss or otherwise accidental deletion of information.

ZoomSupport Ltd. is an independent software development company that provides high quality technology solutions for Mac users all around the globe, with an ultimate goal to facilitate both companies and individuals to effectively manage their everyday’s informational routine.

Established in 2014, ZoomSupport Ltd. is an international group of both professionals and enthusiasts with creative approach. We are very much aware that it is not easy to find a truly sophisticated software which would resolve any problem on your computer no mater how complicated it is.

Our solutions are primarily dedicated to meet the needs of consumers providing them with the best products and services together with a 24/7 customer support to manage different kinds of problems that may arise during a restful life of our clients.


Latvia, Riga LV-1010 Valdemara Centre, 21 K. Valdemara Street, ZIP Code: LV-1010