Dear iDoctor user, thanks for your loyalty and choosing our product.

Our team regrets to inform you that we are no longer distributing and promoting iDoctor.

If you have a valid iDoctor subscription, it will no longer auto-renew. However, you can still use iDoctor to keep your Mac running at its best. We’ll inform you once your subscription expires.

In case you’re looking for an alternative product that cleans, optimizes, and secures your Mac, we recommend trying MacKeeper. It offers everything you love about iDoctor, plus even more benefits like Adware Cleaner.

Got questions? We’re always ready to help.

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First-Aid Kit

for your Mac

iDoctor is a service
you can always rely on when:

  • Cleaning your Mac from junk
  • Optimizing Mac’s performance
  • Protecting your Mac online and offline
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Receive Professional

With iDoctor, it’s like having your own personal

Apple-Certified Support Professional right at hand, 24/7.

Monitor Your Mac’s

Mac Health Rate allows you to quickly see any items that could affect

your Mac, including cleaning, performance, or security items.

Pro Toolkit

  • Duplicates Cleaner

    Duplicates Cleaner scans your computer for unnecessary file copies that can be deleted, even if they’re saved under different names.

  • App Uninstaller

    With App Uninstaller, you can cleanly remove applications and their related caches, preferences, and logs, freeing up precious space on your Mac.

  • Restore Files

    Should you ever accidentally delete a file, you don’t have to worry. Simply run Restore Files to find the deleted file and recover it with minimal effort.

  • Disk Monitor

    Disk Monitor creates a visual of your hard drive usage in order for you to see exactly how the space is being used.

  • Quick Cleaning

    With Quick Cleaning you can harmlessly remove unneeded files in order to free up additional hard drive space.

  • Login Items

    Boot up your Mac faster by choosing items you want to launch at startup with Login Items.

  • Software Update

    Software Update lets you keep your applications up to date by notifying you of any available security patches, app performance optimizations, or software upgrades.

Obtain Online & Offline Security

iDoctor offers Safe Browsing and Theft Tracker protection to keep your Mac safe from online
and offline threats, and to protect your sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.